Buy Fanfarlo’s new album “Reservoir” for a $1


You might not have heard of the British band Fanfarlo, but their album sounds like the best combination of the uplifting pop of Sigur Ros and the jittery rock of Arcade Fire.

Their album Reservoir is a carefully orchestrated pop affair with hummable choruses, lilting horns and plucky guitar parts.  The best part is you can purchase it from the band for a measly $1 until July 4.  So go and do it.

Hello. Because we want everyone to hear our album, and in the spirit of “why not”, we are now letting you download it, along with 4 exclusive bonus tracks, for a mere one dollar until July 4th (or, if you like, Independence Day.) After that, the madness will end and you will be able to get the CD, the vinyl and a beautiful new special edition at normal prices.

See?  I wasn’t lying.  That’s from the official band’s website.  And if you don’t believe us, we’re giving you the chance to listen to a few songs to help make up your mind.  But again?  One dollar.  

Black Cab Session

And if that wasn’t enough here are five songs to listen to from the new album.

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