David Grey charms an intimate crowd at Hotel Monaco, 8/13/2009

Last night David Gray called me a “Cheeky straggler,” here is how it went down…


On a slow Thursday night in Portland, the Irish troubodour, David Gray, swept into town and under the radar.  After a quick stop at the Kink Live Performance Lounge, he gifted approximately 50 dedicated fans to a private set to promote his new album, Draw the Line

As fans sat in the lobby lounge of Hotel Monaco, David sang tunes from the new record along with the classic hits like “Babylon.”   Although short and sweet, this intimate performance was better than any of his large scale concerts.   If anything, he should be admired for his flexibility in agreeing to play a hotel lobby.   

davidgray2A few lucky raffle winners won the chance for a private meet and greet with Mr. Gray afterwards and despite my dedication of standing in line for almost five hours, Mother Karma did not shine on me and provide me with the winning numbers.  Not wanting to be left out, I charmed a crew member and was gifted with the used guitar pick and handwritten set sheet.  Yes! 

Back at the table to make the most of happy hour’s dying minutes, I was still feeling sorry for myself and decided to give it one last college try.   The magical door of the room where David was sequestered opened; this was the time to make my move!   I plead my case to the doorman who obviously felt sorry for this sad sack and let me walk through the gates of “DavidDom” with my friend as a sidekick.  Upon greeting him, he pronounced that we were “cheeky stragglers,” but humored us with signed posters and photos nonetheless. 

To get your own nickname from a celebrity musician, craft a sad story of dedication.  Or, have a nice rack.

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  • Shweet September 3, 2009, 8:04 pm

    Hey you know those photos that guy was taking of dGrey and his fans in the meet and greet? where are those photos?