Death Cab for Cutie videos don’t play on their own site due to copyright claim from their record label


Death Cab For Cutie’s record label is Atlantic, which is a subsidiary of Warner Music Group.  When you go to the DCFC website you can’t watch any of the band’s videos.  This is failure and irony on several levels.

It makes sense for the band to host you’re videos on YouTube or Vimeo or some other such third-party video hosting site. After all, the exposure from these sites allows the band to put their music in many more ears than it would otherwise.  It doesn’t make sense for the band or the company behind the website to host their own videos when they can rely on the bandwidth of YouTube.

However, the downside to not hosting you’re own music videos, etc. is that when your record label, in this case WMG, makes a copyright infringement claim to YouTube then poof, all of DCFC’s videos are removed.  Unfortunately, no one caught this on the band’s website.  And the band ends up looking foolish (since you can’t watch videos that are supposed to be there) and the record label ends up looking doltish (which is just a kind way of saying they look like flippin’ idiots).

This is stupid for both the band and the record label on some many levels, but mostly I find it funny that a record label that is trying to profit off the music by Death Cab For Cutie is actually hindering that.  It’s like the snake that eats its tail.

I imagine this comes from a boardroom where the old executives and dumb lawyers don’t have the faintest idea how new technologies work or could improve profits.  It would be shameful if it weren’t so funny.  [via reddit]

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