Deconstructing Pitchfork

pitchfork-deconstructed-16915-1254862989-0NPR profiles the musical kingmaker through the lens of their recent top 200 albums of the decade list. 

“Pitchfork’s position as indie kingmaker was cemented at the decade’s mid-point, but kings don’t always last in indie rock. The twin peaks of the Forkhype range were Arcade Fire’s Funeral, which showed up at No. 2 on the decade list, and CYHSY’s self-titled debut, which was left off entirely,” writes Jacob Ganz. “That binary seems fitting for a Web site that’s more emblematic of music in the Internet era than any other: Pitchfork in the 2000s has been the story of how effusive praise can avalanche into a kind of canonization, even as the thrill of discovery sometimes ends in embarrassment and revisionism.” 

This is fairly nerdy musical stuff here, looking at the decade-long evolution of arguably the one music publication that still matters.

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