Doublecheck Your Head


Max Tannone is back (you may remember him from such projects as remixing Jay-Z with Radiohead), only this time he’s not taking to disparate bands to make something unique.  No, this time, he’s doing something far braver by celebrating The Beastie Boys reissue of their seminal Check Your Head by remixing the album.  “The concept is that the Beastie Boys are mashed up with themselves, rapping over tracks sampling their own instrumentals, with all vocals and sampled elements coming from Check Your Head,” he writes.

I’m listening to it right now and it’s good, but I also haven’t listened to Check Your Head in maybe five, maybe ten years.  So hearing this is like hearing the album for the first time — my brain is trying hard to discern the lyrics and beats from one song and whence they came.

Download the whole thing for free.

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