Fleet Foxes < America?

fleetfoxesLook, I like America (the band) to a certain degree.  I’ve even sat down and interviewed Gerry Beckley and found myself liking the band more than ever. 

But I’m baffled by this America-Fleet Foxes comparison, my brain can’t process something like this.  Yes, their music sounds similar, but America really only has one mega-hit-single to fall back on with a few other great songs and Fleet Foxes have only released one note-worthy album. 

Comparisons between the two seem pointless.

“Will Fleet Foxes be as big as America? No. Not until they write radio-friendly hit singles. But then Fleet Foxes are more about the music-as-album experience, and less the big-hit-song experience,” writes Alan McGee in The Guardian.  “What is your favourite America album? You’d be hard pressed to get an answer. But ask someone what their favourite America single is and you just know you’ve got an easy answer.”

Let’s give Fleet Foxes some time before we slag them for not having produced a “Horse With No Name,” “Sister Golden Hair” or “Ventura Highway.”  M’kay?

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  • Greg Pecknold October 21, 2009, 8:55 pm

    So…I am admittedly biased (being Robin Pecknold’s father) but I was present when “America” made it’s debut on the musical landscape. They followed in the wake of CSN&Y and the Eagles and other harmony centric bands of the 70’s. The “radio friendly” lyrics they offered up were easily memorable and thus appear on karaoke machines around the world but that kind of success does not equate to lasting critical acclaim. I would suggest that Fleet Foxes are more concerned with self expression that they can feel proud of rather than a chart rating or being remembered 20 years on for a “once upon a time” hit. The respect of their fans and their peer bands means the most to them.