Fluxblog needs your help

Fluxblog has always staked it’s claim as the first mp3 blog, but Matthew Perpetua’s site has also remained one of best, classiest and well-written sources of music/culture you’ll find anywhere on the web for the better part of seven years now.  One of the things that distinguished the site is the time and care he puts into one or two small posts a day (not to mention the podcasts, tumblr offshoot, etc.), unlike say, just about any other music site going that simple recycles another site’s articles or is copying and pasting from a press release.  It’s obvious that he cares enough about music to take the time to digest tracks and then write cogently about them.

So, he’s having some financial troubles (as so many are, especially freelance writers/independent bloggers) and has decided to sell T-shirts to make some scratch (a small part of me felt his pain when he succumbed to adding advertising recently, which if you knew how long he held out on doing that…)  I would highly recommend checking out the site and then helping him out.  Buy a T-shirt or make a donation.  I’m leaning towards the blue shirt myself.

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