M. Ward – “Rave On”

M. Ward’s latest album Hold Time has been slowly growing on me as I let the songs slip over me.  It’s going to be a perfect summer backporch kind of affair – a little more subdued than his previous efforts.

And due to his cover of “Rave On” I’ve spent the past month or so digging back into my Buddy Holly albums and rekindled that love affair.  So, regardless there’s that. It took no time at all to realize I much prefer the Buddy Holly version of this song.  M. Ward’s feels too syrupy, too low key.  With Holly you get a coiled beast bursting at the seams – full of youthful energy and emotional confusion.

M. Ward (feat. Zooey Deschanel) – “Rave On”

Buddy Holly and The Crickets – “Rave On”

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