Mason Jennings – “The Field”

It’s been a while since a song has slung my heart to its core, but Mason Jennings often has that effect on me.  He just released a new album, Blood of Man, which I picked up last night while buying my wristband for MusicFest (caught The Fences, Portland Cello Project, Damian Juarado last night).  And after giving it a once over, I think it may be his best effort yet.

Anyway, let’s circle back to “The Field.”  The song is a devastating tome to a parent’s lost child during war.  I imagine it’s a mother walking out to the cemetery where her son/daughter is buried and she’s just trying to cope with losing her baby.  How can you not cry at the thought of a parent saying over and over again, “I don’t want no victory/I just want you back”?  Over and over and over, as if the mantra will undue the destruction of losing a life, as if it will tie back the frayed fabric of a family falling apart.

Stream Blood of Man on Pandora.

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