Miles Davis’s “Kind of Blue” turns 50

You didn’t see it, but I’m scraping brain matter off my computer and work area, with the news that Miles Davis’s seminal album Kind of Blue officially turned 50-years-old yesterday.  What is the over-under on how many babies were consummated with this record on in the background?  500,000?  750,000? 1 million?  Would you dare take the under for any of those figures.

I’ve worn out five copies of this album and finally had to get it digitally.

Relatedly: Andy Baio of has finally put together his 8-bit tribute to Kind of Blue. It’ll be fascinating to hear the record, Kind of Bloop, after following the progress through the funding, recording and now release.

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  • Amy August 18, 2009, 12:42 pm

    The article goes from guesstimating the number of hundreds of thousands of babies conceived while listening to this album – then just to the note that the author has worn through five copies of the record. I hope you are not suggesting that you are responsible for a good chunk of these Kind of Blue babies?!?!?