Modest Mouse – “King Rat”


This is one of two music videos Heath Ledger had been working on prior to his death.

From the press release: “The video was fully conceived down to the last detail but unfinished when Heath passed away in January of 2008. In the interest of fully realizing Heath’s final work as a visual artist, THE MASSES (a film and music company which Heath was a partner in) finished the video in his honor, with the support and advocacy of Isaac Brock.”

According to Peter at Slashfilm, “When the news first came out, Terry Gilliam was reported to be the animator, which turned out to be false. But you can see some very evident Gilliam influence in the clip regardless — those trumpets emerging from clouds are just one little touch of Gilliam’s very recognizable style.”

The idea behind the video is to bring awareness to illegal whale hunting.  The animated video does just that, in a horrifying manner.  Still, great Modest Mouse tune, with a great video to match.

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