Music critics confess to not liking certain bands


Many of these bands have been canonized for rawk music.  Bands like Led Zep, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Joni Mitchell, Sonic Youth, etc.  It takes a courageous person to admit to not caring for many of these bands.  And yet, I suspect there are lots of music nerds out there that feel this way about many bands. 

Joan Anderman on Sonic Youth:

I don’t like Sonic Youth, ergo I must be missing a good-taste chip. Maybe a happy childhood ruined my chances for embracing the caustic and chaotic. I like melody. (So, increasingly, does Sonic Youth.) I don’t like feeling assaulted by a song, no matter how much inspiration and integrity is backing up the blows. (Neither, increasingly, does Sonic Youth.) But the die was cast during the band’s ’80s heyday, when SY’s death grip on feedback, fondness for alternate tunings, and aversion to structure cast aspersions on my beloved verses and hooks. It doesn’t matter how smart or original the music is. Sonic Youth alternately bores me and pains me, and life is too short to indulge either of those options.

I picked that one because I totally agree with Anderman.  For whatever reason, I just never got into Sonic Youth.  Which is alternately strange because I like a lot of bands similar to them or influence by them.  Such is life. 

For me, my sacred cows that I don’t care for are James Taylor, The Eagles (though I know I’m not alone in this one), Bob Seger (some of his tunes are dope), and pretty much anything from the era of rock n’roll. 

But really it’s R.E.M.  I just don’t get why people worship them.  It’s not that I dislike Michael Stipe and company, for sure they’re good, but I don’t understand the degree that people love them. I don’t particularly think they’re one of the best music has ever seen.

Oh and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  They’re a bunch of wankers.  Beastie Boys?  Been making the same song or using the same A-B-A-B kindergarten rhyming pattern for the last 20 years. 

Historical or contemporary bands you don’t care for and why?

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