New Patrick Watson video – “Fireweed”

Patrick Watson just released a video for “Fireweed” off of his latest release Wooden Arms. I was stunned by the simple imagery of a man walking alone and then turning into an illustration. And in a way, it’s pretty fitting for his new album.  One of the best for 2009.

There’s an amazing Yahoo! video shoot of Patrick Watson performing in a pinata shop in LA. One of the songs even features his new megaphone suit that I was trying to tell you about the other day when he played in Portland.

“We wanted to create folk science fiction music, like in The Twilight Zone, where there’s a normal situation with a twist,” Watson recently explained to Yahoo!. “There should be an innocence to it, a sense of a humble, grounded story with a subtle twist.”

And that’s pretty much the best description of his ethereal psych-folk-pop that I would be able to come up with.  Of course, I didn’t come up with it, he did.  But the quote perfectly encapsulates how his music is at once familiar and nothing like you’ve heard.

Here he is with his bandmates performing “Big Bird Small Cage.” It’s one of the standout tracks from the new album.

After watching them perform in the pinata shop, I hope Vincent Moon gets them to do a Blogoteque takeaway show sometime in the near future.

Patrick Watson – “Fireweed”

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