New Spoon album “Transference” out in January 2010

spoonWe knew Spoon was in the studio working on a follow-up to 2007’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, but we’re a bit surprised by the announcement that the new album will be ready for January 2010. 

As P4K reports, the forthcoming Spoon album, Transference, features four songs we’ve heard before alongside seven more we haven’t even heard yet (but are hoping to when Spoon drops by the Crystal Ballroom in Portland on December 11).

Transference is due 1/26 in North America via Merge.  Tracklist follows:

01 “Before Destruction”
02 “Is Love Forever?”
03 “The Mystery Zone”
04 “Who Makes Your Money”
05 “Written In Reverse”
06 “I Saw The Light”
07 “Trouble Comes Running”
08 “Goodnight Laura”
09 “Out Go The Lights”
10 “Got Nuffin”
11 “Nobody Gets Me But You”

We’ll update with Mp3s once we get a chance to.

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