Oregon Trail in real life and other weekend highlights

How was everyone’s weekend?  I spent way too much time catching up on movies and drinking, watching tennis and baseball, doing some work on my planter box veggies/herbs, watching fireworks, picking berries, etc.  Needless to say I didn’t sleep much or have much downtime despite it being hotter than hot for the first time all year in Portland.  Unfortunately, I missed seeing the Dirty Projectors, third time now that’s happened, it won’t again.  Anyway, some things that caught my attention this weekend.

– Australian wine prices have plummeted so much that a bottle of wine now costs less than bottled water.  If you like Penfold’s, Lindeman’s or um, Yellowtail now would be the time to stock up.  Of course, there is the possibility that you like bottled water more in this case, which would be understandable.

– Another reason not to move back to Massachusetts: if you fight a traffic ticket and win, they still charge you a $25 fee.

– Sarah Palin peaced the fucked out of Alaska in classic Palin style.  “The text, as posted on Gov. Palin’s official website (here), uses 2,549 words and 18 exclamation points. Lincoln freed the slaves with 719 words and nary an exclamation; Mr. Jefferson declared our independence in 1,322 words and, again, no exclamation points. Nixon resigned the presidency in 1,796 words — still no exclamation points. Gov. Palin capitalized words at random – whole words, like “TO,” “HELP,” and “AND,” and the first letter of ‘Troops.'”  And then not content with that, she took to Facebook and Twitter to say she was going to sue the entire internet for daring to suggest she left office because of the pending investigation of the Wasilia Sports Complex.

– NFL quarterback Steve McNair was murdered over the weekend, found shot to death.  Most of the press coverage was pretty unspectacular, but Pro Football Talk really did some excellent work breaking down all the developments and the less “family man” side of Steve McNair.  Usually, these types of murders are not random and happen because of events in motion.

– The Discovery Channel will air a tribute to Billy Mays July 9.

– NPR takes a look at the junk science behind Body Mass Index.

– I tried to watch Juno again last night but I could only stomach about 20 minutes of it.  The dialogue has aged even worse than I thought it would initially.  Anyway, I’m still curious about Diablo Cody’s next project with Megan Fox, Jennifer’s Body. Shock Till You Drop has the redband trailer for the flick.

– Rejoice and start drinking again.  Beer bellies are allegedly caused by genetics and not drinking excess amounts of beer.  Snore.  Call me when science reports that liver damage, violent rage, hepatitis and a puffy, red face are related to genetics and not drinking.

How to bake cheeseburger cupcakes.  They’re good for the soul.

– Hulu has started posting ABC shows.

– I’ve been loving the hell out of Blind Pilot’s and Horse Feathers’s Hear Ya Sessions.  Two Portland bands that I can’t get enough of as it is.  Blind Pilot are a different band all together when Kati Claborn (if she isn’t the next Neko Case then I’ll be disappointed in her – she’s that freakin’ fantastic!) is playing banjo and harmonizing.

– “More than 800 surviving pages and fragments from the The Codex Sinaiticus, which was written in Greek on parchment leaves in the fourth century, have been reunited.”  The Codex Sinaiticus is considered the oldest known Bible in the world and can now be read in it’s entirety online.  via

– NPR has a piece about Merge Records’ 20th anniversary.

– E Consultancy has a list of 16 Twitter shortcuts. Most of these things I had no idea about because I haven’t been digging into ways to maximize my Twittering.  But you can follow us here!

– If Homeopathic doctors ran the ER it would look something like this:

– And finally, I’m loving the hell out of Firefox 3.5.  It’s fast and great in that Firefoxy way.  Coincidentally, Internet Explorer has lost 11.4% of it’s market share since March 2009. Here’s to hoping that FF 3.5 causes it to lose so much more than that.

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