Paying for Michael Jackson’s funeral


The entire world is watching his funeral, this media & cultural freakshow.  His music so amazing, that everyone is willing to overlook the diddling years known as 1992 – 2009. 

For a city and state that has no money, it must be a difficult pill to swallow knowing you have to shell out $3.5 million dollars just to get the likes of Stevie Wonder, Usher, Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Johny Mayer, Kobe Bryant, Jennifer Hudson, and the Jackson family to pay their respects.  Not to mention the 11,000 or so fans that won tickets in the lottery. 

(Also?  The New Yorker of all places is live blogging this.  Retch.  I know it’s SFJ and all, but still.  Talk about dumbing themselves down. And, Martin Luther King Jr.’s son and daughter just compared Michael Jackson to their old man.  If he wasn’t already dead, the civil rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize-winner would surely have killed himself just now.)

The question the city must ask themselves in the name of responsible, fiscally-conservative government is how to pay for this bumble fuck.  The answer?  Have the legion of Michael Jackson cult-worshippers pay for it.  Donation are being accepted now.

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