Phish at Fenway

You would think with traveling back to Boston for my niece’s second birthday and a high school friend’s wedding and being in Boston when Phish played Fenway, that I would have made the effort to go.  Unfortunately, I didn’t.

Regardless, by all accounts the band hit the show out of the park (ouch, sorry); so much so that it was even live blogged from the west coast using Twitter.

Besides the sticker shock of $8.25 beers, my buddy Seth said the best thing about the show wasn’t even the music (though that was obviously quite tasty).  For him it was seeing all these people who hadn’t seen each other in four years, grown up with haircuts and real jobs, coming back to the one thing they loved more than anything else.  The fleeting moment when you bumped into somone you only knew in the context of touring with Phish and seeing those old friends after four years.

It was a great crowd, Seth said.  You could feel the sense of love and community and the band provided all those years.

You can check out tons of photos from the show here.  And if you’re inclined to listen to the show, you can buy the whole shebang over at for a mere $10.

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