Phish’s 2009 Halloween Show

8_1By all accounts it was a Phish show for the ages.  The band was in top form at Indio, Calif. and for the second set they covered one of my favorite albums by The Rolling Stones, Exile on Main St. As if that wasn’t good enough, the band was joined by a horn section and Sharon freakin’ Jones of The Dap Kings for their Halloween dress up set.

From the opening one-two combo of “Rocks Off” and “Rip This Joint,” something at Festival 8 seemed to change instantaneously; in band, in crowd, and in the holy spirits that certainly swirled around us. Building momentum at a breakneck pace, the night turned a corner during the raucous “Tumbling Dice,” and the slow, beautiful twang of “Sweet Virginia” that found Fishman on vocals with the crowd singing along in perfect harmony, especially to the line, “Got to scrape that shit right off your shoe.”

Arguably the strongest song of the set was “Torn and Frayed.” Around the mid-point of the album, it was here that Phish finally made Exile its own. Built around the first big Trey jam of the night, it was hard to not see some of Anastasio in this story of a rock & roller struggling with the life he’s chosen, “but never more than one great lick away from redemption” as Fricke explained. This is the story of Phish’s past decade. Stardom. Pressure. Addiction. Failure. Redemption. Exile was Phish’s “one great lick” on Halloween.

Damn, wish I was there.  But luckily for those, like me who weren’t you can grab the entire show here, here and here and enjoy it with your favorite pair of headphones. Entire set list after the jump if you care to gander. 

Sample in a Jar (5:51)
The Divided Sky (16:16)
Lawn Boy (3:55)
Kill Devil Falls (9:16)
Bathtub Gin (12:38)
The Squirming Coil (8:16)
Runaway Jim (7:03)
Possum (8:59)
Run Like an Antelope (11:25)

Rocks Off (5:37)
Rip This Joint (2:53)
Shake Your Hips (4:37)
Casino Boogie (6:12)
Tumbling Dice (5:51)
Sweet Virginia (5:07)
Torn And Frayed (8:54)
Sweet Black Angel (4:09)
Loving Cup (7:50)
Happy (4:21)
Turd On The Run (4:10)
Ventilator Blues (5:15)
I Just Want To See His Face (7:23)
Let It Loose (6:54)
All Down The Line (5:39)
Stop Breaking Down (4:38)
Shine A Light (5:45)
Soul Survivor (7:05)

Backwards Down the Number Line (12:18)
Fluffhead (14:46)
Ghost (13:50)
When the Circus Comes (6:03)
You Enjoy Myself (23:03)

Suzy Greenberg (12:07)

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