Ram on LA


Justin over at Aquarium Drunkard is always doing cool stuff. Besides running one of the dopest (wow I just went 1994 on you) music sights, there’s also, the record label, the book he’s written, and the 826LA lecture this week, etc. To top all of that Justin’s managed in his spare time to gather a bunch of his favorite artists from his neighborhood to record a free album covering Paul McCartney’s 1971 solo album RAM.

The result will be free to download today, with a donation requested for No More Landmines. Yay, everybody wins!  Except for those who’ve already stepping on a landmine.  But that’s neither here nor there.

Many of the songs have already begun popping up on several must read music sites including: Fuel Friends, My Old Kentucky Blog, Gorilla vs Bear, Some Velvet Blog, etc.

Justin writes:

Los Angeles: huge, sprawling, and eclectic, has been likened to microcosm of the country as whole — truly a melting pot of various cultures, ethnicities, tastes and influences. So is her music. With various scenes and sub-scenes, rarely has there been a defining “sound” that marks the overall zeitgeist of what is happening in the city at any one time. In 2008 I set out to create a compilation of a dozen or so L.A. based artists that I felt were creating something both unique and diverse. After some thought I decided that there needed to be a running theme, something to tie the artists together into a cohesive whole, a common bond.

As records tend to do, a revisited appreciation of Paul McCartney’s 1971 solo album, RAM, had begun to see a resurgence of sorts within a number of local Eastside artists, coming up in conversations and on the turntables of various house parties.

The theme was found. Over the course of the second half of 2008 eleven Angeleno artists individually went in to various studios, rehearsal spaces and apartments to record their take on what is my favorite, and arguably, McCartney’s best solo work…. the end result is RAM On L.A.

I find this interesting because I’ve never actually listened to Sir Macca’s Ram. Now is as good as time as any, I suppose.  The bands included on the album are: The Parson Red Heads, Broken West, Frankel, Travel By Sea, Le Switch and Earlimart.

Parson Red Heads – “Ram On”
Broken West – “Eat at Home”

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