Snoop Dogg’s Football League

We often don’t talk about the other side of celebrities, you know the positive things they do, because it’s not newsworthy right?  Well, how would you feel about Snoop Doog if I told you over the past five years he’s used $1.3 million of his own money to start a youth football league for kids ages 5-13 in inner city Los Angeles, which not only gets those kids off the streets, but also connects them with positive male role models?

While [Calvin] Broadus’ [aka, Snoop Dogg]  larger-than-life figure was not the motivation for the kids to play football, his personal involvement boosts the self-esteem of boys who often receive little attention at home. The rapper attends games and allows his bodyguards to let players approach him freely.

Those intangibles, said coach [Robert] Garrett, are invaluable for inner-city youth. The burly coach sees his job as much about taking a troubled team member home for food or clothing as it is about football. He lectures about keeping up grades and has imposed a rule requiring neckties, dress shirts and trousers on Fridays during season to get players out of the ”hood culture.”

The success of Crenshaw [High School] and the Snoop league is capturing widespread attention. College recruiters have already approached players such as Thomas and Hall, and the league is fielding calls from cities such as Dallas and Pittsburgh that want to replicate the Snoop model.

What makes this story more enjoyable is that Snoop Dogg wouldn’t agree to be interviewed for the story, and considering he has an album out to promote leads me to think this is something he just wants to do for his community and not because he’s looking for publicity.

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  • albert January 30, 2010, 3:30 am

    how do we get in touch with the league for snoop dog. We are in Northern cali and want to put on a show at candlestick park. I am involved with the sacramento area and the bay area football leagues and would love to see this happen.