Super XX Man – NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

This past weekend, I spent way too much time plowing through NPR’s 15-minute concert series aptly called Tiny Desk Concerts.  They’re brief nuggets of intimate musical gold, with a musician playing at NPR’s music desk – often times nothing more an acoustic guitar and their voice.

The one you should watch is of Super XX Man, aka Scott Garred.  The Portland songwriter is a megaphone of empathy – channeling the insecurities, doubts, hopes and swirling emotions of people into three-minutes of pure bliss.  I know it’s preposterous to claim he’s the best songwriter working right now, that anyone can stake that claim since there are so many songwriters out there, but he’s at least in the conversation if we’re having it.

There are other shows from Dr. Dog, Thao Nguyen, Tom Jones (ftw!), Shearwater, Vic Chestnutt, Sera Cahoone, Laura Gibson, etc. It’s an impressive list of performers, really.  So get watching.

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  • Chris Carlson May 4, 2009, 9:50 pm

    FYI, it's Scott Garred.

    • jamesfurbush May 4, 2009, 10:20 pm

      Thanks! I knew that and for whatever reason I had the soccer player on my mind or something. Total brainfart.

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