Superjam in honor of Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday

Pretty much a who’s who in indie rock paying tribute to Pete Seeger with their rendition of “This Land is Your Land.”  Like third grade all over again.  And then pretty much Sharon Jones leaves them all behind by straight killin’ it.   

Stereogum has a more thorough look at an evening of music t0 celebrate the Dark Was the Night album.  But this stood out:

No matter what you think of Sharon Jones (judging from RCMH, people think “I will go apeshit and dance to this”), this much is inarguable: you cannot follow Sharon Jones. Not with sleepy white folk, anyway. Which is precisely why she was the show closer, and also precisely why it was hilarious when the “superjam” appeared to be a sleepy tribute to the iconic folkie Pete Seeger, whose 90th was being celebrated across town at MSG. The night’s performers (sans Byrne, sadly) came out and strummed “This Land Is Your Land” like it was elementary school before Sharon swaggered out and in front of them, comically scoffed, professed her “love for that version” but then instructed the Dap-Kings to show us hers. You saw how that went. That’s how it ended.

If there is any justice in this cruel world, Sharon Jones will be allowed to sing a James Bond theme song at least once.  That’s all I ask, it’s not much.

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