The Beatles Remastered, or what you get for your money

Ever wondered what exactly you were getting when you paid for “remastered” reissues of classic albums you no doubt already own? This detailed report gets to the bottom on what was done for the upcoming Beatles remasters, coming out September 9.

For the stereo remaster CDs, the overall volume was increased, but this was done in moderation so as to retain the original dynamics of the recordings. Each song was carefully reviewed to ensure any sound imperfections were corrected. For the mastering of the CDs, the individual songs were placed in their proper running order on each album. The banded albums then went through the equalization process, with comparisons made to the original vinyl albums. They were carefully reviewed by the engineers and EMI employees, further tweaked and reviewed until all involved were satisfied with the remasters.

I’ve never been a proponent of  buying the same records over again, but hot damn, if I’m not intrigued to plunk down my softly-earned cash.

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