The Decemberists on Jay Leno – “The Wanting Comes in Waves”

I really thought I was going to hate The Decemberists Hazards of Love, but it’s grown on me both for it’s audacity and it’s impecable craft.  Also?  Colin Maloy and company really tried to turn up the rocking to 11.  I don’t think they quite got there but still, got to hand it to them for trying.

It’s a bit unfortunate to hear the song out of context from the rest of the album.

Colin’s got his best Rod Blagojevich haircut going, which is so un-rock n’roll that it might be the most rock n’roll thing he’s ever done.

In case you were wondering, the female vocalist isn’t even in the band, she’s Shara Worden from My Brightest Diamond.  Another band worth getting into, if you haven’t already.

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