The Everybodyfields – “Dream”

“Dream” is a sweet-natured 1950’s pop song by The Everly Brothers.  As performed by them, it comes off as a sugary-coated sock hop type thing — the kind of song that’s played in retro diners and Time Life music commercials.  That’s not to discount the precise vocal styling or those heartfelt cuddly lyrics, it’s just the context of the song is such that it has become hard to hear the original version and feel any emotional punch from it.

When The Everybodyfields sing this song, it may just be the stripped down intimacy of Sam Quinn and Jill Andrews proximity to one another, the amazing harmonies (Jill Andrews has a voice that shouldn’t exist or be humanly possible, it is a voice so rare and pure that it crumples me to the ground every time I listen to it), or the song itself stripped of The Everly Brothers context, it carries the full emotional impact it deserves.

It is also difficult to watch the above performance, tears already in my eyes, and have to find out that The Everybodyfields are no more.  Sam and Jill have gone their own ways, off to pursue solo careers and new adventures.

So, it is with heavy, hopeful and forward-looking hearts that we are now saying so long for now to the everybodyfields so that we can officially pursue our own solo careers. Sam Quinn and Japan Ten and Jill Andrews.

We still need you. Maybe more now than ever.

Such sad news.

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