The Ultimate Beatles Countdown

A post this daunting should automatically spark music nerd debate.  Suffice it to say, it just goes to show you that even some 40 years after they called it quits, The Beatles are still fodder for discourse. So where do your favorite Fab Four songs stack up in a ranking of all the songs by The Beatles, from #185 (Revolution 9) to #1 (A Day In The Life).

To novice Beatles fans, I warn you not to believe the hype about “Revolution 9.” I’ve listened to it many times over the years, waiting for the light in my head to switch on so I could unlock its mysteries. All I’ve ever gotten out of it is the vague feeling that immediately after listening to it, something is going to rise out from under my bed and butcher me in my sleep.

Each choice is extensively annotated and defended; start here if you want to work your way through them all.  I will say that I’ve always prefered the band’s early catolog of music – Rubber Soul and Revolver are just about the bees knees for me.  And if we’re really being honest here, I don’t much care for John or Paul.  It’s always been about the guitar playing of George and the goofy shenanigans and precise fills from Ringo that gets me going.  [via Cynical-C]

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