Vampire Weekend – “Cousins”

It’s not exactly a homerun, but it’s a pretty good track.  The problem with Vampire Weekend’s second album, like so many, is how they are going to establish themselves are more than just that upper-westside-soweto or whatever the fuck they described their catchy pop sound as.  There’s going to be a tricky balance of not alienating the fans they’ve made while still pushing their sound into new territory.

Still, if pushing ahead meads losing their meathead fan-base (i.e. Greek row [not to stereotype or anything]) then I would be okay with that.

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  • Amy November 24, 2009, 8:51 pm

    I would be MORE than ok with that. Considering they are primed to go the way of Dave Mathew's Band (starting to suck merely because their fans are stupid…and then really just sucking). Let's put aside the fact that I truly do enjoy their music (V W) and often find myself accidentally bopping my head to their songs. After having to endure a show with their crowd, I choose to hate them (on principle).

    Save the potential authentic few, their fan base is composed of A) Tweens who took the easy way out by thinking they are awesome for listening to V W instead of some truly great alternatives that don't get played on episodes of Next Top Eating Disorder and Pimp My Already Pimped Out House. B) Meat head frat guys who think hanging a poster of Bob Marley and smoking bad weed makes them "down". C) The people who date groups A and B. All of which potentially never made it "out of Cape Cod."

    Please, PLEASE do away with this fan base. If only so I can enjoy listening to a V W song without whimpering in shame.

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