[video] Land of Talk – “It’s Okay”

It was a shame that Elizabeth Powell and Co.’s debut LP, Some Are Lakes came out in the cold days of November in 2008.  At that point, most of the music world has turned their attention to year end lists and weren’t so concerned with discussing new, mostly great, releases.  A shame that this album was one of the one’s ignored by the music cognoscenti.

Regardless, their new video, directed by creative Canadian duo WeWereMonkeys, is an excellent excuse to remind PDXers that Land of Talk is playing the Doug Fir on November 4th.  A show not to be missed!

As a bonus, you can hear a much earlier, though far inferior, version of “It’s Okay,” when Elizabeth Powell recorded under the moniker ele_K*.  There’s also a great back story worth reading.  [via]

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