[video] The Boy Least Likely To – “Every Goliath has a David”

I’m about a big a fan of TBLLT as there is.  I’ve worn out my copy of their first album Welcome to My Party; there is something wonderful about their strong tweepop arrangements and whimsical lyrics.  A lot of people throw around “childlike” when describing them, but that’s not quite it.

Stereogum just premiered this new video off the Boy Least Likely To’s new album Law of the Playground, out this March.

I love the line “and I love kung fu / and I’m not afraid of you.” It’s another great breezy song from the English duo. They really do traffic in preciousness, but where lesser bands couldn’t pull it off, these guys manage to make it seem charming.

My only thing is that, they should probably stop making videos and just stick to music. I kept thinking this is a video that Beavis and Butthead would have destroyed back in the day.

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