We Are Hunted – a music chart that makes sense

We Are Hunted is a new online music chart that aggregates social networks, forums, music blogs, torrents, and twitter to produce the 99 most popular songs for any given day.

It updates in real time so you can witness as songs become more popular.  Think of this as the Billboard Hot 100 for the social media/file sharing generation.


I do wish they made their methodology more readily available to understand if certain medias are weighted more, and how each component fits into the overall ranking.  A minor quibble. [quick update]

Jesse Cannon at Musformation.com illustrates this point quite effectively.

Anyone who knows anything about music listening on the web knows that the majority of Internet music listening is done on YouTube and Myspace. Until this site figures in YouTube, it is totally inaccurate. Take for example a song like Brokencyde’s “Schizophrenia” which has been played 4 MILLLION times (2 Million on myspace alone) in the last 90 days, you are now telling me that Dj Mehdi (66,000 myspace plays) compares to that???? Not plausible! Let’s take it bigger Beyonce “Halo” with 20 Million plays in the last 100 or so days on YouTube alone. Not on We Are Hunted, but DJ Zebra is on it??? All of that aside, let’s say they are counting only the data they say they are counting. The band that is #1 on We Are Hunted is Embarrassing Fruits “Corner”, who has a grand total of 840 plays on their Myspace, without a easily searchable YouTube of the song in question. How many listens does this song have at Last.FM?

Such will be the problems of any new startup, but the the algorithms can be tweaked and adjusted until the chart is as accurate as possible.  It will never please all the people all the time, but I have to hand it to Wot News (the chart’s creator) for finally delivering a way to determine popularity in a changing industry.  And at least trying to gauge the musical landscape with something more than just physical sales, radio play and digital downloads.  The Billboard is a dinosaur.

Now, if only they could do this with television and destroy the monopoly Nielson has on ratings.  Why anyone still bothers with that ratings system to determine advertising or whether or not a show is renewed/canceled is beyond me.  Things like internet streaming and DVR should count toward a show’s viewership.

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