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We’re not quite ready to put Wilco (The Beef) behind us, and the timing of this news seems specious at best, but, anyways, here it is.  Wilco is continuing it’s playful side, that began with those often hilarious old skool country suits from the Blue Sky Blue days, with an album cover featuring a fez wearing camel, a birthday cake and some empty chairs. 

The whole tone of this album feels like it was an impromptu affair, here’s hoping that we get something playful and fun from Tweedy and the boys.  I liked Blue Sky Blue very much, but let’s be real that was a subtle am gold record.  There was a lot to love (Nels Cline, ftw!), but if you we’re digging deep it probably just came off as boring. 

Hopeful the music this time around will match the surprising nature of its release,the funny album name, funny songs, and now hilarious album artwork. 

It’s out 6/30 via Nonesuch. Here’s a tracklist:

01 “Wilco (The Song)”
02 “Deeper Down”
03 “One Wing”
04 “Bull Black Nova”
05 “You And I”
06 “You Never Know”
07 “Country Disappeared”
08 “Solitaire”
09 “I’ll Fight”
10 “Sonny Feeling”
11 “Everlasting Everything”

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