Wilco (The Beef)

29_wilcoNow that Wilco (the lawsuit) is in full swing, frontman Jeff Tweedy has responded to the suit by former-member Jay Bennett, turning this into a nice little music tiff. 

When word first broke about the suit, it was only known that Bennett was suing his former bandmates for $50,000.  But it turns out there’s much more going on. 

Bennett’s lawsuit (which can be viewed in full here) states that he “is entitled to compensation for his services rendered in the form of continuing and perpetual artist royalty payments.” 

The suit also states that Bennett was paid for his time in Wilco, but that it only amounted to 15% of the band’s income.  Which, not really knowing how the band’s business works, seems about right.  Tweedy will take the biggest cut as principle songwriter and since there are like six dudes in the band, the remaining stakes are divided up accordingly. 

Finally, Bennett’s suit argues that Tweedy didn’t compensate him for, or obtain the proper release for, Bennett’s appearance in I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.

According to Paste, Wilco’s publicist provided the following statement from Tweedy:

“I know exactly as much as everyone else does. I’ve read the news and I honestly have no idea what these claims are based on. It was such a long time ago. Aside from everything else, I’m being sued for not paying someone for appearing in a movie I didn’t produce. Go figure. I am truly sad it has come to this. I am equally convinced, however, that I have done nothing wrong and that this will be handled fairly and swiftly.”

Not exactly the “piss off” comments we were hoping for around here, but Tweedy gets a subtle jab in there with his “it was such a long time ago” comment.

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