Yacht Rock comes to Late Night

Vulture sums this bizarro thing up nicely: “Back in 2005, a couple of enterprising young Californians named J. D. Ryznar and Hunter D. Stair wrote and shot a series of videos for Channel 101 that took a hilarious (and fictionalized) look at the lives of late seventies/early eighties soft-rock stars, like Christopher Cross and Michael McDonald, as part of a series they dubbed “Yacht Rock.” Along the way, they created a mini-revival of the soft-rock genre [doubtful], one whose niche popularity among hipster types continues to this very day [again, not so much earnestly].”

When I heard Jimmy Fallon had booked Christopher Cross and Michael McDonald for his show, I honestly thought J.D. Ryznar and Hunter Stair would be playing dress up.  Alas, The Roots, as backing band, are the most exciting thing about this performance.

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  • rita October 7, 2009, 4:25 am

    your review is the only thing about that performanced that needs "refurbushing"