Andrew W.K.’s Restraining Order Story

Andrew W.K. recounts a story from his high school days when he he wrote a song for a girl he had a crush on.  Of course, the girl didn’t like him back and like all good stories from high school, things went terribly wrong.

The day after I submitted the song, the head of my school called me and my parents in for a private meeting. They played the song for my parents as I sat next to them, paralysed and devastated by the humiliation. The head of the school recommended that I go into counselling or see the school psychiatrist (my parents did send me to a child psychologist following later exploits in arson, baseball card forgery and mail fraud: his final diagnosis? “You have a devilish side”). That was bad, but nothing compared to what happened a year later.

It turned out that the assistant to the head of school got a copy of my song on cassette and gave it to the girl I had a crush on. This was probably the worst thing that had ever happened in my life. She heard the song and was completely freaked out. Within three days, every kid in school had a copy. She told her friends, teachers and parents: “This guy at school is stalking me and threatening my life.” She played them the song and they called the police.

Play the song, “My Destiny” here.  It’s both indicative of Andrew W.K.’s talent as a musician, slightly funny, and a bit creepy.  But what things weren’t when you were 17.  [via]

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