Belle & Sebastian with Jenny Lewis, “Lazy Line Painter Jane”

You know what the faster way to get my music nerd jones on is?  Well, that would be Belle & Sebastian calling up Jenny Lewis for a nifty collaborative rendition of “Lazy Line Painter Jane” at a recent LA show. Mostly, because it’s easily one of the five best B&S songs ever penned and Lewis does great work stepping in for Monica Queen.

It’s weird living in a world where Stuart Murdoch and Co. are like the elder statesman for sheepish, nerdy cool.  When they first played in America, Murdoch spent the entire night singing behind a speaker because he was too nervous to face the audience.  Now?  Now, I can only imagine how pumped Jenny Lewis was to sing that song with them.  How did that happen?

The bands plays tonight in Boston at the Wang Theater.  [via Consequence of Sound]

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