Ben Folds Pays Tribute to Mysterious ChatRoulette Piano Man

Two nights ago at a concert in Charlotte, NC, Ben Folds added a little intrigue to what is shaping up to be the greatest mystery of the decade (next to Twilights enduring popularity, natch).

Even though the rumor that the mysterious improv piano man was Ben Folds was put to rest, I’m still holding out hope that all of this is an elaborate Andy Kauffman-style prank from Mr. Folds.  The inadvertent publicity alone!

So back to the concert in Charlotte.

Folds dressed up like the internet sensation, broke out a webcam and performed a tribute to the “piano improv guy,” tickling the ivories and playing out on-the-spot songs to his Chatroulette partners and 2000 screaming fans.

So the mystery endures and whether or not Ben Folds and “Merton” are one in the same, this is a great move on his part to add fuel to rumors.

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