Christopher Lee’s Heavy Metal Concept Album

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I’m pretty sure Rob over at Topless Robot succinctly sums up everybody’s feelings on the matter: “FUCK AND YES. There’s not a single word in that paragraph I don’t love. I swear to god, I’m literally crying listening to the samples in the widget above because it’s so fucking awesome. Arrrgh. Auggh. Evil flying Jesus, please take me now — there’s no way life will be anything other than downhill after SIR CHRISTOPHER LEE’S HEAVY METAL CHARLEMAGNE CONCEPT ALBUM  AAARRGGHHH BUHBLUH TOOO MUUUCH AWESOOMENESSS AAAUUUGHHHHH”

As to what is making his explode, well the AV Club is reporting that British thespian Sir Christopher Lee (seriously if you don’t know who that is then just stop) has recorded a heavy metal concept album about the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne.

I would be you $15 that Pitchfork eats this record up and gives it an 8.7 Best New Music, but then I just spent that money on ordering his album.  Because what else are you going to listen to as you cut a bloody swarth through a legion of bloody saxon men.

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