Death Metal “What a Wonderful World”

Let’s get this Monday morning started shall we?

Andy Rehfeldt recently created this disturbingly wonderful video, in which Louis Armstrongappears to perform a death metal version of his beloved classic, “What a Wonderful World”.  Rehfeldt arranged, performed and recorded the instruments, with Slovenian solo artist The Markness providing the vocals.

Instead of that soothing Satchmo smile, we’re left with a grimacing scowl.  The guy’s other videos are great too, including a reggae version of KISS’s “Detroit Rock City” and a smooth jazz version of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” There’s also some Slipnot turned into a Disney tune and Taylor Swift turned into heavy metal.  Great stuff to kill 20-minutes.  The smooth jazz Metallica is pretty incredible.  [via]

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