Deconstructing The Stones’s “Gimme Shelter”

Did you hear that?  That was the sound of Martin Scorcese losing his collective consciousness.  Dangerous Minds has posted the component tracks of one of their key songs, “Gimme Shelter,” from 1969’s Let it Bleed album.  It is of course, the song Scorcese uses in just about every single movie he’s ever made (no?  It just feels that way?  Oh sorry Marty.).

Anyways, head over there to hear all the isolated tracks.  Above you can listen to the vocal harmonies between Mick Jagger and Merry Clayton, which are absolutely riveting in their stark nakedness.  There are long stretches of quiet, but listen to what happens to her voice that begins building at about 2:30 in and climaxes around the 2:54 mark, as it goes places no human voice should go.  It’s electric and soul shattering.  Goose ripples down your back.  It’s punctuated by, what sounds like anyways, an impromptu “whoop” by someone in the band.  Good stuff.  [via waxy]

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