Dirty Sweet Announce New Album “American Spiritual”

Dirty Sweet was one of my favorite new bands waaay back in 2007, both for their debut album and their live show; their album Of Monarchs and Beggars is still on heavy rotation for it’s riff-heavy, swaggering, ass-shakin’, pure rawk n’roll vibe.

It was surprising then, that they hadn’t released a new album within a year or so to build momentum.  Aside from touring, the band released a few videos in 2009 and then nothing.  They just laid low, there were no leaks, no Mp3s, no nuggets of anything new in the pipeline.

Well, thankfully, that’s about to change.

I don’t know for how long you’ll be able to stream their sophomore album, American Spiritual, until it will be released via Los Angeles’s Acetate Records on April 6th, but first impressions are very positive.  It’s a generous slice of that amalgamation of outlaw country, soul, r&b, blues, rock — really it’s a prototypical southern rock sound, except the band is from San Diego. Go figure.  (Thanks, Matt!)

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