Drawing Your Mixtapes

What a great idea from flikr user kateconsumption: “So, I want to draw your mixtapes. I want your sad songs, you love jams, your sing at the top of your lungs car tunes, your break-up tape, your make-up tape and your BFF-4evah cassette.  I am only drawing the tape. If you want to participate, please snap a picture of the best side of your favorite tape and email it to me (see my profile) or upload it to your flickrstream and let me know.”

A wave of nostalgia just washed over me.  I haven’t made a mixtape in probably ten years, but they’re still stashed away somewhere.  I used to make two per month — one with a thematic arc and given a sappy/meaning title; the other was just a compilation of my monthly jams and labeled by the month and year.  [via coudal]

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