Eli “Paperboy” Reed, “Come and Get It”


Matt Lenski, directed this video, for Boston’s Eli “Paperboy” Reed, which is the first single off his Capitol Records debut Come and Get It. The album drops Aug. 11.  It’s a bit shocking that Eli Reed is now on Capitol Records, former home of Radiohead and now home to The Decemberists.  Not because he isn’t worthy, he is, but because few people have heard of him, even in his hometown.  Someone like him would really find a home in Portland, since we’re more accepting of musicians doing their thing, regardless of what’s trendy.

Regardless, he’s a first-rate musician, his backing band The True Loves are for real and his new album is excellent.  If it were already out, his soulful Motown-esque songs would definitely be a frontrunner for album of the summer.

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