Fixin’ to Die

Over the past, I don’t know?, six months or so, maybe more, I’ve been on a serious Avett Brothers kick.  If there was ever somebody that said they couldn’t care less for “country” music, I’d toss them an Avett Brothers mixtape.  There’s something about their old-timey, dustbowl, Americana swirled with the emotional thump of punk rock that hits you straight in the gut.  When you listen to Scott and Seth Avett yelp and stomp their feet you can’t help but want to do the same.

And it’s easy to see how they connect with so many people at concerts.  They throw everything they have into every show they play.  It’s not hard to understand how they sell out huge concert venues, when they get very little radio play or blog love.

At the same time, G. Love has been one of those slacker musicians that has never quite garnered the adoring audience he should have and I suspect that’s largely because he’s never been an easy musician to pin down.  He’s never really put out an album equal to his first few and he’s hewed fairly close to the hip-hop/blues formula that made a name for him, but that’s always been the least interesting aspect of his sound.  As a musician it’s his love and appreciation for country, blues and soul music that has always kept me coming back to him.

All of that is preamble to the notion that G. Love is releasing his new album Fixin’ to Die on February 22 via Brushfire Records.  Which isn’t necessarily news, except that the Avett Brothers are producing the album and from the clip above, it seems like they’ve managed to tap into the interesting aspects of Garrett “G. Love” Dutton, the musician.  This is quite possibly the first G. Love album I’ve been truly excited for since Philadelphonic or maybe even Yeah, It’s That Easy.

Here’s G. Love and The Avett Brothers playing together at 2010 Summercamp

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