Fruit Bats on Daytrotter

Excellent!  The Fruit Bats, who have solidified themselves as my favorite band (one of, anyways), have just recorded a short session for Daytrotter.

It includes an awesome cover of Neil Young’s “Revolution Blues”, which segues nicely into a slower-tempo’d “Union Blanket.” Johnson does Shakey proud, channeling both his vocal delivery and indignant pathos Young is famous for.

“Johnson tackles the theme of love – or is tackled by the theme of love – with the acceptance of a minister, as if he’s been sent here for this particular and very specific reason, to explain these wrinkles and these elations with all of his faculties,” writes Sean Moeller.  “Sam Cooke sings about the grapes that are meant for the vine and the apples that are meant for the tree and Johnson sings that he’ll be “the sweetest apple on your tree,” taking the sentiment just a little further.”

This exemplifies everything I enjoy about Eric Johnson’s songwriting.  He’s romantic, in the vein of Ralph Waldo Emerson, nimbly tiptoeing the delicate footbridge connecting love and nature and that underlying energy that just connects everything together.

Mp3: The Fruit Bats – “Revolution Blues/Union Blanket”

Also: The Fruit Bats stopped by NPR’s World Cafe to chat and play some music.  I could think of a million worse ways to spend 20-minutes.

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