Jill Andrews “The Mirror” Kickstarter

I’ve been searching long and not-so-hard at finding the first Kickstarter campaign to invest some money in (not that I have money to throw around all willy nilly, but you know, like instead of a night out kind of thing) and I’m pretty confident it might be for the former-Everybodyfield, Jill Andrews‘s debut solo LP The Mirror.

Her voice is irresistible. I’ve never heard a voice do what hers is capable of doing in a live setting. As for the Kickstarter campaign, she is attempting to raise $10,000 by Jan. 17, 2011 to fund the album release and so far has raised $1,337.  Not too shabby.

Many of the donation levels are pretty affordable and the trade-off includes various incentives like a homemade magnet, a digital copy of the album, a personal thank you note, acoustic recordings, handwritten lyric sheets, etc.

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