Joni Mitchell, ctd.

Flavowire digs a bit deeper into the beguiling Joni Mitchell interview that everyone seems to be talking about. 

So what went wrong?  There is a notorious story of Dylan pretending to fall asleep and then obnoxiously “snoring” when previewing Mitchell’s album Court and Spark with David Geffen while Mitchell was present. We can see how that would rub her the wrong way and it seems that she never got over Dylan’s jab, even decades later.After they performed together at the 1994 UNESCO Project in Japan, and Mitchell had this to say about the experience:

“On the third night they stuck Bob at the mic with me and that’s the one that went out on tape. And if you look closely at it, you can see the little brat, he’s up in my face — and he never brushes his teeth, so his breath was like… right in my face — and he’s mouthing the words at me like a prompter, and he’s pushing me off the mic. lt’s like he’s basically dipping my pigtail in ink.” – Barney Hoskyn’s 1994 interview with Mitchell

Now if we can just get Bobby Dylan to say something incendiary about Joni Mitchell we could have a full-on foggie folk war on our hands.

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