Laura Veirs – “July Flame”

About a week ago, I checked out Laura Veirs at a basement show with her new backing band The Holy Flames.  Veirs was shaking off the rust and preparing to tour with her new material from the excellent July Flame album (out now too!).  Veirs was also enormously pregnant.  And yet, she still delivered a fun, playful set.  It was loose, like a friend playing for you in the living room.

During the show, it became obvious to me that Laura Veirs is an honest to god treasure, with her knack for deftly turning phrases that connect both science and nature, while somehow snaking their way into a cathartic spiritualness.  Her voice has a warm and calming timber, and a smile that puts you instantly at ease.

For the new album, Veirs composed nearly 80 songs, which will hopefully see the light of day.  Following the equally as gorgeous 2007 album Saltbreakers, Veirs struggled to write anything.  To break out of her rut, she began composing songs on piano and banjo and “learned songs by some of her favorite artists like R.E.M. and Neil Young.”

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