Listen to Blitzen Trapper’s New Record, “Destroyer of the Void”

Portland’s Blitzen Trapper write really great, lo-fi slacker country jams.  The kind of genre bending tunes that effortlessly combine the highs of Pavement and Johnny Cash.  It’s no easy feat, but somehow Eric Early and company make it seem so damn easy.  Their new record, Destroyer of the Void, comes out from Sub Pop Records tomorrow!

From Pitchfork’s review, it sounds as if the eponymous title track is the real show stopper.  “”Destroyer of the Void” ambitiously steamrolls over decades of canonical popular music, squishing it into an epic suite that gathers Beatles harmonies, sci-fi synths, classic rock guitars, country-rock twang, and AOR sentimentality into one big, ballsy package. It’s a surprising and precarious way to kick off an album, especially the follow-up to 2008’s Furr, on which Blitzen Trapper stuck primarily to Laurel Canyon folk-rock.”

Listen to it at NPR.

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