Meat is Murder Tribute

The Smith’s Meat is Murder came out 25-years-ago, February 14, 1985 to be precise, and Stereogum has rounded up a bunch of musicians to pay homage to a great album.

“If it were possible to draw a line through a lifetime’s worth of despondency and misanthropy back to a single lo-bias cassette tape, my first copy of Meat Is Murder would have a lot of blood on its hands. All of the blood, actually,” writes Zack Pennington of Parenthetical Girls. “In my early teens, I had the sort of contempt for the Smiths that’s typically reserved for closet case homophobes — they were the musical manifestation of everything that I feared and hated about my pubescent self: hypersensitivity, self-absorption, morbid desperation, and above all else, sexual dread. Then there was Meat Is Murder, and suddenly I had found my enabler.”

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