Menomena do “Killemall” on Jimmy Fallon

Can someone explain to me how someone so in tune with how the web works and people on the web use it, that you can only embed full episodes of Jimmy Fallon’s tv show?  If, say, I wanted to just embed Portland trio Menomena’s television debut, wherein they knock out a great rendition of “Killemall”, why isn’t that possible?  Fallon should understand this and yet?  Yet?

It’s not possible.  You have to skip through four sets of commercials at 30 seconds each, just to watch the performance.  So fuck them.

Instead you can watch a live video of the song where they debuted it at the 2009 PDX Pop Now! Festival and follow the links if you really want to bother with Fallon.  Props to drummer Danny Seim for the Trailblazers shirt. Anyway, one thought: as intricately arranged as Menomena’s albums are, it never ceases to amaze me how each live rendition loses nothing.  Studio trickery aside, these three guys make each song sound more incredible live than should be possible.  [via]

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